“Reaching kids for Christ is crucial!  Just think…children have their entire lives to live for Jesus Christ.  Their hearts are teachable and their curiosity is peaked.  Psalm 8:2 tells us that through children’s praise, our mighty God silences His enemies.  Wow!  Just think of the impact children’s praise can have on a community!”

“This summer hundreds of children shouted “God Rules!” and from their hearts sang loud praises to Him.  Many of those kids gave their lives to Jesus for the first time and others realized that their lives were to be all about Him.  In this world of “no absolutes” it is so important to emphasize that there is only one true God and that there is a narrow road that we must follow in obedience to Him.  Children must be grounded in God’s word, know what they believe and be able to defend it.  Seeing children on fire for Jesus this summer fueled our passion to keep doing what we’re doing!”

“God not only worked in the hearts of the kids during VBS, but also in the hearts of the staff.  Three teen-age girls who were helpers shared with Becky that before the VBS week, they had thought Christianity was boring and just for adults.  But, God spoke to them directly and they knew He was telling them to live differently and to share Christ with their friends.  As they were leaving the church that night, one of them commented, ‘God rocks!  Living for Him in not boring!’”