Are you looking for a women’s retreat that builds unity and strengthens women in their personal walks with Jesus Christ?

Becky Linn of Follow Hard Ministries works with women's ministries to customize retreats that include praise, worship, teaching, prayer, small group sharing and times of personally applying and reflecting on God's own word. Available retreat topics are:
"Becky eagerly came alongside our women's ministry team and we had a blast joining the Lord in His work together. Her message was full of God's word and had a refreshing way of drawing the diverse crowd of women closer to the Lord and at the same time, we drew closer to each other." —Director of Women's Ministries, Minnesota
"Becky's music and teaching doesn't draw attention to herself but draws attention to the Lord. Her teaching and handouts are full of God's word. I am going home with a lot that I can study further." —Women's Retreat, Iowa
"I usually come away from retreats with information overload but during this retreat I came away with heart overload. My love and fire for God has been reignited." —Pastor's wife, California
"From now on, I will choose to ask the Lord for His direction, rather than follow what I have always done. I have also been challenged to keep my personal life pure and holy, to be a clean vessel for the Lord to use." —Women's Retreat, Nebraska
"Ladies' lives were changed forever at this retreat. Every single woman I have spoken to has a testimony of how God personally spoke, commanded, healed or revealed truth to her over the weekend. Lifelong insecurities and bondage to sin were broken and women received bold direction from the Lord for their futures. I absolutely love to see God instill His strength, boldness and courage in the most surprising ways!" —Women's Retreat, Missouri
"I need to press my heart to God's heart and allow His love to flow through me. Jesus Christ must be central in all my relationships! I've been challenged to recognize and encourage the Christ-like qualities in others." —Women's Retreat, Iowa
"The blessings of the weekend have been obvious and huge, but the repercussion of spiritual attack this week has been equally large...Satan was threatened and he is trying to retaliate and reclaim what he has lost. The truths from God's word are helping us to stand firm and united against him. The victory has already been won!" —Women's Retreat, Missouri
"I need to stop candy-coating the issue of discontentment and see it for what it is-sin. It has made my life stale and cold. I have asked the Lord to help me and to give me victory in this area of my life. It has been holding me hostage for too long." —Women's Retreat, Iowa
"I just became an attorney. I am also a mom of a 3 1/2-year-old. Until today I believed that it was all-important to be successful in the world's eyes and to make lots of money. My life has been all about me. God has shown me that the greatest gift I can give my daughter is to raise her to live for Jesus Christ. I need to be home with her. My priorities need to change. I rededicated my life to the Lord today. I want to live for Him." —Women's Retreat, Iowa